How healthy is your team?

31 Jan

Do you struggle to have a relationship with your staff? Do you value each member of staff and consider them to be part of your team?

Your organisation shouldn’t revolve around you it should revolve around the team you have placed around you. “Today’s generation are not impressed with leaders with grand titles and credentials, to them what makes a leader worth following is his or her above average competence, self-sacrifice and mission,” said  Selvin Govender, Marketing Director at Mercedes-Benz South Africa, speaking at a Tomorrow's Leaders Convention.

Govender said the board of Mercedes-Benz/Daimler believe strongly that its success is due to embracing the diversity of it its staff, working together as a homogenous team to shape the future success of the company.

“Managers have a melting pot of different cultures and what is more is that these cultures are diverse.” Govender added that it is this diversity amongst its staff that actually provides the company with the perfect training ground for its people to develop leadership skills.

“We found diversity to be one of the key elements in igniting excellence and leadership in our organisation,” he explained..

Ilya Pozin, a contributor to Forbes Magazine says, “Contrary to popular belief, the success of a business isn’t ensured by an amazing CEO or even the work of a few all-star employees — it’s all about the team.”

So how can you improve team leadership? Find out your staff’s strengths, unique attributes and foster diversity.

Motivate staff, establish goals that will help them excel. Learn to delegate - don’t tell your team how to do it, but rather ask them ‘how would you do it?”

Recognise team effort and inspire them with your vision. A team that works together will positively impact on your business.

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